Building towards excellence

The skeleton of potentially all projects, and the model that others will build from.

Civil Engineering is everything you see that is been built around us. Our team comes with experience in buildings and structures, coastal, conservation, energy, ground engineering, social infrastructure, transport (roads and railways), waste and water.

We communicate effectively, creating pictures that explain to both the technical and less technical what is being designed and built. Client aspirations and ideas are captured, sanitised, and refined.

We draw on the vast expertise of our teams to design often complicated projects that affect the surrounding railway network or disrupt communities if not handled in a collaborative manner. Our engineers bring sound knowledge of Up To Date CDM, health and safety and environmental controls, current financial awareness gained from the enviable position of seeing projects from concept through to client handover, and an understanding of the unique challenges each sector and discipline can face.


Relationship building is key, and our talented engineers work closely with you and your project stakeholders from inception to handover.

Crucially, this can include acting as Civil Contractor’s Responsible Engineer (CRE), Contractor's Engineering Manager (CEM) or as the Designated Project Engineer (DPE) or Civil Project Engineer (PE) across GRIP Stages 1-8 – delivering strategic support, tracking progress, liaising with stakeholders and helping in the running of a compliant and safe site.

Our service includes:

  • Structural Inspections & Reports
  • Detailed Forensic Investigation and Surveys
  • Concept Design
  • Temporary Works Design
  • Detailed Civil & Structural Engineering

  • Construction Supervision and Support
  • Building modifications and refurbishment
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Ground Investigation

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