Guaranteed Design Service

Grey Matters Global form part of the Crayside Consulting Group and specialise in delivering Earthing and lightning protection design and training.

Top 1% Approach

It doesn’t stop there! As an independent specialist consultant - you can rest a little easier knowing you’ll never pay for more than you need. Using the latest top 1% software tools, by some of the top 1% minds in the business, means you get technically secure designs and answers, that are right-sized for every project.

100% fully accredited Expertise

Knowing that proof of competence is a key pre-requisite for your project supply chain, GreyMatters is in the top 1% of Earthing consultancies in Europe. FULLY certified and accredited for both CDEGS and XGSLab. This means there are no unpleasant surprises - you’re in safe hands!… With over 27+ years of experience in the sector - there isn’t a scenario we haven’t already come across and solved.

Delivering Answers to Complexity

GreyMatters continues to develop unique solution sets to fit any situation you can throw at us ... Fanatically passionate about eliminating ALL sources of error throughout the process. GreyMatters is fully invested in using the latest innovations & best of breed equipment and technologies, so you can relax, free from the uncertainty that your project design is being de-risked (in terms of Earthing at least).

Our Capabilities


  • Transient response (lightning)
  • Equipment Touch – surface voltage
  • Circulating currents/impressed voltages (EMI)
  • EMC
  • 3D– Rolling sphere
  • Bonding


  • EPR (Earth Potential Rise)
  • Touch/step – surface voltage
  • Circulating currents
  • Hot-zone

Testing / Measurement:

  • Touch/Step Voltage measurement
  • High energy injection
  • Fall-of-Potential
  • Soil Resistivity – high energy


  • Simulation of tests performed
  • Lightning attachment response (time/frequency domains)
Grey Matters


Grey Matters

To find out more information about Grey Matters Global please follow the link to their website.

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Grey Matters Brochure

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